ISC History

In 2009 – Founded in Zurich, Switzerland by Nigel and Magdalena Fletcher who combined their professional experience in business and Sport to create, develop and nurture ISC as the leading Sports network and events business to business organisation globally. Other related brands and events have developed such as The International Sports Chamber of Commerce, International Sports Awards.

10 years later, The International Sports Convention has had events in Amsterdam, Netherlands and recently in the last 6 years in Geneva, Switzerland. In 2020 ISC will be held at the most progressive sporting and entertainment venue in Europe, White Hart Lane – Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.

ISC has always covered the entire Sports Industry and with some changes and repositioning for the 2020 edition this will be the case again. ISC 2020 week will take place over a week with 2 core days on the business of Sport.

ISC development and future begins with the needs, requirements and opportunities of those working in the Global Sports Industry. How we shape the future of ISC will depend on the feedback we receive and this will formulate ISC direction for the next 10 years. So please do contact us as we value your input in the direction ISC should take in the future.