Turf and Grass Conference Speakers

Introducing the confirmed speaker list for The Turf and Grass Conference at ISC Geneva 2018! You may view the full agenda by clicking the button …

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Sports Sponsorship Conference Speakers

With just over a month to go till ISC Geneva 2018, we can now confirm the high profiled speaker list for The Sports Sponsorship Conference! …

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Sports Broadcast Conference Speakers

Here we have the confirmed speaker list for the Sports Broadcast Conference at ISC 2018 at Palexpo, Geneva on December 5th 2018. You may view …

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Sport and Sustainable Development Goals Conference Speakers

We are thrilled to announce our confirmed speakers for The Sport and Sustainable Development Goals Conference at ISC 2018. You may view the full agenda …

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Sports Events, Tourism and Cities Conference Speakers

At The International Sports Convention, Geneva 2018 we are excited to welcome our speaker representatives of the Sports Events,Tourism and Cities Conference. You may view …

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Only 50 days to go!

With only 50 days to go until the International Sports Convention at Palexpo, Geneva! Our Conference programmes and agenda is confirmed, have a look at …

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International Football Development and Football Coaching Conference Speakers

A number of influential guests’ speakers are involved within the International Football Development and International Football Coaching & E-learning Conferences over the two event days at The …

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Sports Digital speakers

At the International Sports Convention, Palexpo, Geneva there will be a Sports Digital Conference featuring a number of influential guest speakers involved within the Sports …

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Last working day of Early Offer pricing!

Today is the last working day of the Early Offer promotion for the INTERNATIONAL SPORTS CONVENTION 2018 (ISC 2018) tickets. Save money now by completing your registration using the button below: …

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