Aleski Valta

Head of CLub Services
finnish Golf Union
Aleksi Valta is the head of club services in the Finnish Golf Union.Valta and his team offer consultancy and tools for golf clubs. Objective is to get more people playing golf and keep the beginners in love with the game. Club services support golf clubs through golf club development programs, golf education for instructors & coaches (PGA training) and for marshalls and rules, handicap golf, and junior golf. Valta is an experienced sports management professional who has also worked as: secretary general for Association of Sports Institutes of Finland ;education manager for Finnish Sports For All Association; education and development manager for Finnish Student Sports Federation .Valta is a graduate of: International Business Management (MBA) Centria University of Applied Sciences. Kokkola, Finland. Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts(BA). Park College, Kansas City, Missouri, USA. Physical Education Instructor Certificate. Sports College Pajulahti, Finland.Valta will present FGU’s new school golf program with title RETHINKING GOLF IN SCHOOLS.