Jasmine Song

Jasmine is a woman described as a disruptive powerful new voice making waves in the inclusion industry and a passionate advocate for social equity. She is the Diversity and Inclusion Lead for entry-level talent at Sky. She manages the DEI strategy for Sky’s 30+ graduate, apprenticeship and internship programmes which span across many areas including tech, finance, data and business. Outside of her day role, Jas is an award-winning DEI keynote speaker, educator and consultant, having delivered highly commended sessions for Bentley, Salesforce, BIE Executive, the Market Research Society and more.

Her passion comes from her lived experience. Jas was sent on a flight to London alone from Asia aged 11, and upon arriving was taken into care. She grew up in a children’s home in South London where she was exposed to immense racism, classism and structural inequality. She was determined to rise in a system determined to see her fail. She now speaks about her lived and professional experience to empower others, and highlight the role that businesses and organisations have to play in helping to achieve social equity