Marc Giusti

A 20+ year veteran of the digital creative & innovation industry, Marc has spent his career helping businesses & brands to pioneer, think and innovate.

In 2017 he took some of his own advice and launched his own product & brand… one that has the power to not only redefine its sector, but to enhance the well being & lifestyles of its customers: Veloforte – the World’s finest, 100% natural, performance nutrition. Created to help you #fuelbetter.

Recognised as one of the fastest growing nutrition brands, their award-winning and break-through range of entirely natural, powerful & delicious products provide active people with the confidence they need to perform at their best before during & after exercise.

Veloforte are the only nutrition brand to have ever been awarded multiple Gold at the prestigious Great Taste Awards (3 years in a row) and have recently been recognised as one of the Top 50 Eco-Heroes by Runner’s World Magazine.