Pedro Malabia

Born in Valencia on April 1st 1980. He is the Director of Women’s Football at LaLiga since June 2018 and also from 2015 to 2017, prior to joining FIFA as Head of Women’s Football Competitions.

He has a degree in Law from Universitat de València, a Masters Degree in Law and Sports Management from ISDE, and diverse specialization courses as Sports Director and Sports Law.

From 1999 to 2009 he was responsible and head of Women’s Football at CD Colegio Alemán Valencia, a club that became the women’s football section of Valencia CF – Valencia CF Women’s –  where he was Director until  September 2015. In that moment he joined LaLiga as the Director and responsible of the recently created Women’s Football Department.

During his stage at Valencia CF and in parallel to his role in women’s football, he was responsible of development projects at Valencia Foundation (2011 to 2013), prior to joining the Valencia CF structure as International New Business in the Marketing department, as well as attaché to the club’s Director of Operations.

He was also the representative of Valencia CF Women’s in the ECA Women’s Football Committee, becoming the first Spanish club to join this task group.