International Sports Convention is an events, education and media business connecting individuals and companies in the Business of Sport.

Content is at the heart of everything ISC do. Providing intelligence and insight to the Business of Sport.

The International Sports Convention is the Meeting place of the business of sport. We provide multiple platforms and opportunities for those inside the industry and those who are willing to enter it.


Our flagship global event is naturally called the International Sports Convention with the next edition in London, March 22-23, 2023 (ISC London 2023). The venue is Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. ISC London 2023 includes over 100 speakers, 6 sport business conference programmes over 2 days, 1000 plus delegates and a number of private and open masterclasses and networking opportunities. ISC London 2023 is the meeting place for the Business of Sport.

Our other ISC Global events include webinars. This includes ISC Virtual Week 2020 and a number of bespoke webinars on specific subject matters. 

The ISC International Sports Awards celebrates the finest sports business work in the world. The ISC International Sports Awards recognize these individual and company achievements with honour and recognition on an annual basis.


Our ISC Business of Sport podcasts have exceptional listenership and are on all the major podcast/audio platforms. We have two main series – interviews with leaders from the sports industry (CEO, Chairman) and Careers in Sport where we share to the next generation of sport business professionals with insight and intelligence.


ISC Academy

Through the ISC Academy we offer an elearning digital platform to equip students and professionals to acquire knowledge and practical training in the Sports industry. We bring the industry to teach and share their knowledge, expertise and insights. ISC help open the gates those who wish to enter the sports Industry.

All our courses come with real insight from the industry (audio, video) with guest professors from the leading sports brands, rights holders and organisations.

The ISC Academy provides online courses in the Business of Sport. This includes 15 individual short courses on a range of subject matters and the Business of Sport certificate. More courses will be launched in 2021 to cater for the growing need of those in and outside the industry. This will include the ISC MBA – Business of Sport online course and the ISC Sports Marketing Diploma course. The ISC Academy is both practical and insightful for those looking to start a career in the Industry or those who wish to gain further knowledge and qualification.

B2B and B2C

Whether one is starting from within the Industry or outside the Industry, ISC is both a B2B and B2C Company. We help companies succeed, prosper and network through our events and media services. Our goal is clearly to help their businesses and rights holders grow by providing connections and increasing their brand profile, presence and expertise.

Our B2C offering includes the ISC Sports Biz Club Membership and the ISC Academy. This helps individuals with a clear path to stay and succeed in the Sports Industry. Education and making connections never stop. ISC provides that entry point and continuous journey.

How ISC started

Founded in Zurich, Switzerland in 2009 by Nigel and Magdalena Fletcher who combined their professional experience in business and Sport to create, develop and nurture ISC as a leading brand in the Business of Sport.

Nigel Fletcher

The co-founder and CEO, Nigel Fletcher believed the sports industry needed something better. Like all businesses he adapted both services and positioning of ISC over time. 13 years later ISC and The International Sports Convention is one of the leading brands in the provision of B2B and B2C services in the Business of Sport.

The ISC Mantra of innovation and a long term vision is always constant. Once a goal has been achieved there are other goals to be realized. ISC never stands still to provide real value to both organisations and individuals in the Business of Sport.

As a short, but illustrative analogy: ISC ultimate goal is to be The World Economic Forum and LinkedIn, for Sport. Whether it’s engaging content, intelligence and insight, networking, shaping policy or industry trends, the ISC will be the meeting place for the Business of Sport.