The Charitable arm of the International Sports Convention is the ISC Foundation.

The ambition of the ISC Foundation is two-fold:

  • Is to lead and help positively change to ensure more representation of Women and Ethnic Minorities in leadership positions in the Business of Sport. This will include education opportunities and an annual benchmarking report in countries. Specific countries of focus will be the USA and United Kingdom.
  • For many years we partnered with UNICEF and in 2023 announced Kit Aid as our Charity partner. We will work with Kit Aid on two specific projects in Uganda and Malawi.

KitAid is a volunteer run registered charity which sends unwanted items of sports kit to projects across the Developing World.

The charity was founded by Derrick Williams MBE in 1998 following a trip to visit water projects in Tanzania. During the trip he met a young boy in a ragged and worn Liverpool FC shirt who asked for a new shirt. On his return this prompted a single box of kit to be sent to the village as a “one off”. The reaction once it was received was so great Derrick decided he could not stop and the KitAid journey began.

Some 25 years later over 1,000,000 items of kit have been donated to projects in Africa, Asia, South America and Eastern Europe. Although the majority of projects supported are football related, KitAid also supports Netball, Athletics, Golf and Cricket projects. The charities receiving the kit not only use it for sport, but as a way of engaging with youths and adults to offer hope and a life away from crime, addiction and violence.

KitAid receives support from clubs across the whole football pyramid, from the Premier and EFL Leagues, to Non-League and Grassroots teams. Donor clubs include, Manchester United, Livrpool, Everton, Arsenal, Aston Villa, Brighton, Watford, Reading, The English FA and The NFL.

KitAid has a saying, “It’s more than just a shirt….” and one million smiles across the globe testify this.

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In western Uganda, a population of about 300 wild chimpanzees cling to survival in disappearing habitat around villages and towns in the neighbouring districts of Hoima and Kikuube. Since the 1990s, most natural forest in this region has been cut down for timber and converted to farmland, as farmers seek to improve their livelihoods and provide for their families. However, deforestation has caused escalating conflicts between villagers and the resident chimpanzees, which now compete with each other for space and resources.

The Bulindi Chimpanzee and Community Project (BCCP) was started in 2015 to conserve the chimpanzees in Hoima and Kikuube districts, and support local households, to aid more peaceful coexistence. They offer local people livelihood alternatives to deforestation, sponsor village savings groups, invest in children’s education, promote tree planting and natural forest conservation, and help improve quality of life through constructing water boreholes in villages and providing households with energy cook stoves. In parallel, we monitor and study the region’s unique ‘village chimpanzees’ to understand and mitigate threats to their survival.

Since 2018, BCCP has implemented a ‘Football for Conservation’ programme. Football is enormously popular in Uganda and many villages have local teams. Using the universal language and popularity of football, our football league allows us to engage with young men (aged between 15–25 years), who are often involved in forest degradation activities such as charcoal burning and timber cutting. By sponsoring local football teams with kits and balls, and arranging matches and tournaments, the program helps demonstrate to local communities that we are invested in them and their youth. Additionally, the tournaments provide an ideal platform to convey messages about environmental issues, the chimpanzees and conservation to a large audience, helping to reduce misconceptions and mitigating tension between local residents and chimpanzees.

Fomo Women’s Football Club

Fomo Women’s Football Club, (FOMO WFC) has been running for a couple of years with local games to promote the sport in the under 14s and under 16s. We are now ready to take the next step and join the Southern Region U16s women’s league. This consists of ten teams from the southern region.

With the great success and growth of the men’s teams, offering opportunities for young girls to play football not only contributes to their individual growth and well-being but also plays a significant role in promoting equality and creating a more inclusive and progressive community.