About ISC Academy

Online courses in the business of sport

The International Sports Convention was founded in 2009. The International Sports Convention is a media, events and content company providing intelligence, networking and business opportunities for the global sports industry.

Since 2009, from the very beginning content has been central to the International Sports Convention and what it provides for individuals and organisations in the sports industry. Since 2009 over 1000 speakers alone have taken part in ISC events.

In 2020 – Given our knowledge, expertise and industry network – The International Sports Convention launched the ISC Academy.

The ISC Academy will provide online courses in the business of sport aimed at both students and professionals.

Nigel Fletcher

Chief Executive, International Sports Convention

The founder of The International Sports Convention, Nigel Fletcher, was the first person in the world to attain two masters degrees in the business of sport – nearly 20 years ago – an MSc in Sport Business from Birkbeck College, University of London and an MBA Football Industries at Liverpool University.

Nigel has a PGCE (Teaching) from Oriel College, University of Oxford and an undergraduate degree from one of the leading Sports Universities globally, Loughborough. In addition he holds the UEFA B Coaching License.

Our founder has been a pioneer in combining education with the business of sport and the ISC Academy provides a unique balance of education, network and intelligence.

Education, content and industry network has been part of ISC DNA for over a decade. This combination ensures both the next generation of sport business professionals are ready and qualified, whilst ensuring those already in the industry can flourish by participating in management, specialist and leadership courses.

Teaching, Learning and Work patterns have changed. The ISC Academy are 100% online courses. This ensures the flexibility to earn whilst you learn and to have the right balance of work experience and qualifications. It is not all virtual, ISC Students and ISC Alumni have additional opportunities to attend the ISC Convention and/or the Study Visits held in a number of cities worldwide.