Why study with ISC Academy?

We understand what it takes to progress and succeed in the sports industry

ISC Academy provides practical training, education and qualifications in the Business of Sport. We understand what it takes to get a job in sports business and how to progress in the sports industry.

  • 100% online - This gives you the opportunity to study at your pace and comfort.
  • Listen, learn, study with regular insights from experts and guest speakers working in the Sports Industry.
  • ISC gives you the opportunity to work and naturally earn whilst studying
  • We have a global approach from students, content, learning materials.
  • ISC is a brand recognized in the business of sport
  • ISC has a unique combination of education, network, intelligence to ensure your career progresses
  • ISC have a practical approach to ensure, whether you are looking to get into the industry (career start and find your first job) or looking to progress within the global sports industry – that we have courses for you. We understand the industry, whether to start in the industry or progress in the industry. Work experience and the combination of professional industry qualification is key. No need to take 1 or 2 years out to study and not earn or build upon your work experience. ISC Academy understands what is needed to progress practically.
  • ISC realizes learning, being qualified is only just the beginning. ISC provides a lifetime of networking opportunities (International Sports Convention in London) and a host of study visits globally. Plus always providing intelligence and content about the trends and developments.

The ISC Academy is not a substitute for undergraduate degrees, it is complimentary. The Business of Sport certificate provides a full understanding and overview on the key aspects and subject matters in the Industry. Those currently studying undergraduate degrees in any subject should consider the Business of Sport Certificate. Graduates or those working in different industries should consider the Business of Sport Certificate – a perfect and practical way to have an additional qualification.

Individuals already working in the Sports Industry and given their individual circumstance should consider the ISC Business of Sport Certificate, a specialist ISC diploma or the ISC MBA in the Business of Sport.

Our goal is not only to teach and provide industry qualifications but most importantly to give real career prospects.