Careers In Sport Podcast – Joyce Cook, CBE, OBE – Chief Social Responsibility and Education Officer – FIFA

In this edition of Careers In Sport podcast we speak to Joyce Cook who is CBE, OBE Chief Social Responsibility and Education officer at FIFA.

Nigel Fletcher, CEO of International Sports Convention discusses with Joyce her fascinating career.

This includes:

  • Joyce starting out as a Nurse in the early part of her career
  • Her career journey with roles with Football Against Racism in Europe (FARE), Women in Football, Sports Ground Safety Alliance, UEFA and Centre for Access to Football in Europe (CAFE) 
  • FIFA vision and mission and Joyce current role

Nigel and Joyce discuss diversity and inclusion in particular:

  • Women and girls football. How this has changed. Joyce reflects on her personal experience and what FIFA are doing now and in the future.
  • Joyce being openly gay. They discuss the prejudice Joyce has encountered but also the positive openness in sport, football and society

They discuss a number of topics including mentorship (mentor and mentee), networking in the sports industry, online education and the power of football. Joyce shares so much of her experience and expertise in this fascinating, personal and open podcast.

*During one answer, Joyce refers accidentally to London 2012 instead of EURO 2012.