Integrity at International Sports Convention 2024

Join us at the International Sports Convention, taking place at Tottenham Stadium in London on March 20-21, 2024, where we will host insightful panels and presentations focused on sport integrity. Delve into discussions on the crucial importance of honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct in sports, and explore strategies to uphold integrity in competitions worldwide.


Speakers include:

Union of European Clubs (UEC)

Lincoln City Football Club

Arlesey Town Football Club

 University of Portsmouth

FairGame UK

International Tennis Integrity Agency

Betway Group

Administrator World Football Remission Fund

Starlizard Integrity Services

 International Tennis Integrity Agency

British Swimming

Paul Stewart, Former Liverpool, and Tottenham Hotspur Professional 



Confederation of African 
Football (CAF)

Slovakia Football 

The Football Association 
(The FA)

National Women’s  
Soccer League (NWSL) 

Hugh James

British Cycling

Sport Wales

 British Gymnastics

International Olympic 
Committee (IOC)