International Football Development and Football Coaching Conference Speakers

A number of influential guests’ speakers are involved within the International Football Development and International Football Coaching & E-learning Conferences over the two event days at The International Sports Convention, Palexpo, Geneva.

To begin the International Football Development Conference, we welcome Justin Bredeman, President of Soccer Shots, the largest Sports Education Franchise in the USA and consistently recognised by ‘Entrepreneur Magazine’ as the Number 1 Children’s Fitness Franchise. He will be speaking about the development of the world’s biggest football education franchise for young football players.

Continuing on we hear from Chris Ramsey, currently the Technical Director at Queens Park Rangers Football Club, speaking about the capability’s continuum- maximising what young players can do in their individual development.

From there we welcome Laura Finnegan, Course leader of the recreation and sports management courses from the Waterford Institute of Technology in Ireland to discuss the implications of relative age effect for grassroots football and talent development.

We also welcome Igor Jankovic the Founder of The Serbian Children’s League sharing his insight on football participation trends in Europe, focused on growth and talent development in Eastern Europe.

To complete our International Football Development conference, we have Martin Brock, Founder and Developer of the Junior Premier League to speak about high quality grassroots football, in order to retain participation and provide a talent identification pathway.

To begin on day two of the International Sport Convention, we have the International Football Coaching & E-learning Conference, introducing Boris Kubla a Senior member of the Croatian Football Association (HNS) education department, speaking about the development of world class players and coaches in Croatia.

Following on, we have Sergio Lara-Bercial Project Director of the company iCoachKids (iCK) which is a not-for-profit Innovative Education & Training for Specialist Children & Youth Coaching Workforce, he will be discussing the development of high quality free generic online courses for coaches in multiple languages.

Moving on we welcome Les Caffrey, Head of Academy Recruitment at Salford City F.C. speaking about the development of a unique, world leading smart phone app to assist talent identification.

To finish the session we have Giuseppe De Giorgi, CEO & Co-Founder of, a social network that allows you to organise sports matches and save time and money. Connecting players, matches and sports centres in the same area.

To kick off our session after lunch break, we welcome back Martin Brock from the International Football Development Conference to discuss why high-quality grassroots football, is essential to retain participation and provide a talent identification pathway.

After that we welcome Saul Isaksson, Founder and Owner of the online soccer coaching platform for players, coaches and clubs to speak about creating world class e-learning for young players.

At the end of the day we welcome Robin Russell, Chairman of Sports Path International, leader in online soccer education, using the web to support the development of players and coaches and UEFA Football Development Consultant discussing how to identify potentially talented young players.

We have an innovating list of high profiled International Football Development & International Football Coaching & E-learning guests over the two days, we guarantee this will be an engaging, insightful and beneficial opportunity for networking connections to be distinguished with lots of interesting information and knowledge to be heard.