Innovation Award – Club – Eintracht Frankfurt

Since 2017, Eintracht Frankfurt has been working on its digital transformation – a football club with more than 120 years of tradition and at the same time one of the most digital football clubs in Europe. With its own tech experts and software developers, EintrachtTech has designed and developed a platform solution that serves as the basis for all digital customer-oriented products and services of the club. On this platform (with the club-app and website acting as the user-facing frontend), EintrachtTech integrated all digital core services and products a football club needs to offer (e.g., ticketing, e-Commerce, content/media, payment, digital stadium services).

Innovation Award – Rights Holder – Bundesliga 2 Cloud Production

  • International Live Matches
  • In-Match and Customised Clips
  • Social Media Matchday Feed
  • Since season 2021/22, DFL has offered an international Bundesliga 2 media product for the first time ever.
  • Cloud-based remote production, incl. English graphics based on official match data
  • Since the 2nd leg of the season, 2 matches per round are additionally offered with English commentary.


Innovation Award – Company – Spiideo

  • 2,000 games broadcast.
  • 177,000 viewers around the world.
  • 33,000+ hours watched.
  • 43 Spiideo camera systems and Portable Smartcams connected across
  • 5G, Wifi, and ethernet.

Gothia Cup partnered with Spiideo in 2022 and deployed 43 automated Spiideo camera systems to broadcast more than 2,000 games. Through the partnership, Gothia Cup was able to broadcast exponentially more games while maintaining the quality viewers expect with Spiideo’s AutoFollow and Spiideo Play tools. Over 177,000 viewers watched matches produced by Spiideo and streamed through the Gothia Cup app and website.

Fan Engagement Award – The ‘Innovation Game’

Leveraging their relationships with leading sports tech companies, Infront Lab and 1. FC Köln collaborated to select 19 tech companies to showcase their technologies as part of the Telekom Cup 2022 ‘Innovation Game.’ The game allowed the German football club to conduct one year’s worth of tech evaluations in a congregated manner while nurturing their loyal community of fans. The technologies allowed for all around improved fan experiences for fans at home, on their mobile and at the venue. After testing the technologies, fans were able to provide 1.FC Köln with feedback to help the club decide which technologies to implement in the near future.

Diversity, Equality, Inclusion Award – Wasserman

Wasserman is a full service culture-centric agency built to serve the best talent, brands and properties in the world.We provide in-house resources across branding, marketing, creative design, licensing, PR and legal. This allows them the flexibility to support their talent throughout every stage of their career: from securing their first contract, to negotiating the largest contract deals in history; and from introducing them to social and lifestyle brands, to providing them with opportunities to be the creators of their own. At Wasserman, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion underpins their motives, actions and results daily. The guiding purpose of their DE&I initiative is to ensure an environment that is safe for everyone and gives the opportunity to be their authentic selves at work.

Professional Club Award – Southampton Football Club/Saints Foundation

2021/22 marked the 20th Anniversary of Saints Foundation, the charity of Southampton Football Club, transforming lives across the community. Delivering free, quality targeted interventions to 4,300+, they  empower participants to fulfil their potential to lead happier, healthier, and inclusive lives. Whole school, cross-community interventions, and visible engagement makes a difference to thousands more across Southampton. They believe in strong collaboration and work with 50+ city partners to deliver maximum positive impact.

Sports Tech Company – Slate

Slate is a content creation platform that empowers enterprise organizations and their network of creators to quickly and easily create on brand content for social media. They  provide organizations with a platform that is fully customized for your brand. Your own brand/creative team sets the fonts, graphics, logos, stickers, gifs, filters, and overlays you need to empower your creators to produce unique, on-brand, valuable content in seconds, from anywhere, optimized for any social platform. Content created in Slate is custom & on-brand, while also looking native and authentic for each social media platform.


We congratulate all 7 winners for the ISC international Sports Awards for 2022. Winners will be presented with their trophies at The International Sports Convention taking place March 22-23.