International Sports Convention 2024 Charity Partner – KitAid

KitAid is a volunteer run registered charity which sends unwanted items of sports kit to projects across the Developing World. 

 The charity was founded by Derrick Williams MBE in 1998 following a trip to visit water projects in Tanzania. During the trip he met a young boy in a ragged and worn Liverpool FC shirt who asked for a new shirt. On his return this prompted a single box of kit to be sent to the village as a “one off”. The reaction once it was received was so great Derrick decided he could not stop and the KitAid journey began.

 Some 25 years later over 1,000,000 items of kit have been donated to projects in Africa, Asia, South America and Eastern Europe. Although the majority of projects supported are football related, KitAid also supports Netball, Athletics, Golf and Cricket projects. The charities receiving the kit not only use it for sport, but as a way of engaging with youths and adults to offer hope and a life away from crime, addiction and violence.

 KitAid receives support from clubs across the whole football pyramid, from the Premier and EFL Leagues, to Non-League and Grassroots teams. Donor clubs include, Manchester United, Livrpool, Everton, Arsenal, Aston Villa, Brighton, Watford, Reading, The English FA and The NFL.

 KitAid has a saying, “It’s more than just a shirt….” and one million smiles across the globe testify this.

KitAid is delighted to become the Charity Partner for the 2024 and 2025 International Sports Convention. As a small but highly effective charity the partnership will give us the exposure we need to keep growing and to help thousands more people to participate in sport across the Developing World. We are very grateful for the opportunity to attend the International Sports Convention and to meet new supporters to share our story. Thank You for supporting our work and vision .“- Derrick Williams MBE, KitAid Founder

I am delighted to announce this collaboration and welcome KitAid as our charity partner for 2024 and 2025. More details will be announced regarding this partnership and how delegates can donate their shirt(s) at ISC 2024 and which projects we will be supporting to assist communities around the world using the power of sport. It’s simple but very effective partnership where everyone can get involved and make a difference .” – Nigel Fletcher, Chief Executive, International Sports Convention

Find out more here: Kit for Africa – KitAid distributes your old kit to the world poorest countries