ISC ACADEMY launches the Business of Sport Certificate

Earlier this year, ISC Academy launched their first two online courses (Fan Engagement and Sports Strategic Planning.) Today, ISC Academy has developed and launched the Business of Sport Certificate with 15 individual courses which together make up the ISC Business of Sport Certificate.

Nigel Fletcher: Chief Executive: “Education and Insights in the Business of Sport does not stop with a formal education certificate from the ISC Academy. The Journey continues for all ISC Alumni. ISC truly understand that networking and ongoing relevant content is key. As an ISC Alumni one has lifetime access to the course materials. Those learning materials provide an ongoing guide to assist you in your workplace. ISC is in the industry, ISC brings the industry together and whether it is attending the flagship International Sports Convention or the ISC Study visits or accessing our weekly podcasts and content, ISC is part of your ongoing career journey. It is what makes ISC Academy unique in terms of study, qualification and network. I had the fortunate position to be the first person globally nearly two decades ago to attain two masters (MSc and MBA) in the business of Sport and strongly believe in specialized education. But with changing patterns in work, lifestyle and significant advancements in digital technology the ISC Academy will provide a lifelong learning journey to thousands globally.”

The ISC Academy looks to disrupt the global provision for education in the business of sport and to ensure sports education is accessible, affordable and practical to those in and out of the industry, at both entry and management levels.

The ISC Academy have guest professors providing industry expertise/knowledge to the ISC Academy online courses. As an example this already includes:

• Micky Lawler, President, WTA

• Marissa Pace, Chief Marketing Officer, World Rugby

• Dan Rossomondo, Senior Vice President, NBA

• Matt Roberts, Research and Analytics Director, F1

• Chris Harris, Managing Director (Digital), Arsenal Football Club

• Oliver Jaberg, Deputy Chief Legal and Compliance Officer and Director of Integrity/Anti-
Doping, FIFA

• Martin Murphy, Stadium Director, Aviva Stadium

• Pedro Presa, Chief Executive, mycujoo

• Zach Weatherford, Consultant, United States Olympic Committee (USOC)

• Rick Traer, Chief Executive, Sport Tourism Canada

• Ian Reid, Chief Executive, Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

• Frank Leenders, Director General, FIBA Media and Marketing Services

• Maeve Buckley, Executive Director, Leading Sports Agency

• David McHugh, Executive Director, Line up Sports

• Chris Overholt, President, OverActive Media Group

The International Sports Convention was founded in 2009. The International Sports Convention is a media, events and content company providing intelligence, networking and being the meeting place for the Business of Sport. Since 2009, from the very beginning, content has been central to the International Sports Convention and what it provides for individuals and organisations in the sports industry. Since 2009, over 1000 speakers alone have taken part in ISC events. Given ISC’s knowledge, expertise and industry network – The International Sports Convention today launched the ISC Academy. The tagline is “For the Industry, By the Industry” which illustrates expert opinion, expertise, insight and knowledge transfer from within the industry. The ISC Academy will provide online courses in the business of sport aimed at both students and professionals.

In 2021 ISC Academy will also include the ISC Sports Marketing diploma and the ISC MBA in
the Business of Sport.

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