#ISCFANENGAGEMENT Week 2021 will take place June 21st – 25th.

ISC will be showcasing the best in Fan Engagement


•Become the innovation pioneer: we’re placing our focus on the future of fan engagement and best practices in the contemporary sports sector.

•Make your business bulletproof: how can the sports organizations engage younger fans, monetize digital fans, and use disruptive technologies to gain competitive advantage.

•Digitize, digitize, digitize! Modern fan needs modern solutions and with the growing amount of digital-natives, everybody has to adapt.

Key areas:

-Identification and interaction technology.
-Fan experience.
-Data capture.
-Data analysis and monetization.
-Digital and mobile technology.

Key topics: AR/VR, AI, Gamification, The Blockchain, Anti-piracy and data protection, Online Streaming, OTT and Broadcasting, E-sports, Digital transformation, Ecommerce, Betting online

to be involved contact: info@internationalsportsconvention.com