Message from Nigel Fletcher, CEO – International Sports Convention

Message from Nigel Fletcher, CEO – International Sports Convention

This is not a business post, I will not be talking about ISC, webinars, podcasts, events, thought leadership, delegate tickets, e-learning, football governance, Diversity and Inclusion. Please read and help if you can.

With a personal network of 15,000 on LinkedIn, mainly sports Industry and over 6 figures through ISC networks, I/we are reaching out if you would like to assist, whether as an individual, corporate, sports federation, agency etc.

I have lived in Warsaw, Poland for the last 3 years. My colleague Oscar Ponti and I will be heading to the Polish/Ukraine border this weekend with other expats.

What is urgently needed are the medical supplies in the graphic.

If you wish to send any of the items (or other important medical supplies), please send below: (Ensure this is delivered by Friday 4th March ideally and only shipment from European Union countries).  If it arrives late we will do another drive.

International Sports Convention

ul. Branickiego 11/100



T + 48 22 642 66 11

If you wish to donate by bank transfer, we can provide bank details on request (and receipts)

in GBP, PLN, USD AND EUR. Please contact Oscar Ponti for details ( All money will be spent on medical supplies only.

We will update all donors personally through a dedicated WhatsApp group (share your WhatsApp number after you have donated to Oscar). We will post again publically on 7th March.