Partnership with Starlizard Integrity Services and International Sports Convention 2025


“We at Starlizard Integrity Services are delighted to continue our collaboration with the International Sports Convention (ISC). Over the years, the ISC has been instrumental in championing the cause of sports integrity, helping to get the key messages across to the appropriate stakeholders. As the sports industry faces increasingly complex integrity challenges, it is crucial to address these issues head-on and engage in open discussions about potential solutions. The upcoming ISC events present a significant opportunity to advance these conversations in new locations, and Starlizard Integrity Services are proud to play a leading role in this vital endeavour”Affy Sheikh Head of Starlizard Integrity Services


About Starlizard Integrity Services:

As the specialist integrity division of the London-based sports betting consultancy Starlizard, Starlizard Integrity Services (SIS) investigates suspected match-fixing in sports. Leveraging Starlizard’s in-depth knowledge of sport and sporting performance, alongside its active engagement in betting markets, SIS offers a unique and unparalleled expertise in analysing both betting markets and on-field performances to assess the integrity of competitions and identify potential match manipulation concerns.

SIS provides these vital services free of charge to sports organisations, law enforcement agencies, and public bodies, working closely with global stakeholders in the fight against match-fixing. In 2023, SIS launched Komodo, a free online application that won the International Sports Award 2023. Komodo is designed exclusively for organisations to access critical information on suspected match manipulation. Additionally, SIS offers expert evidence and witnesses to support investigations and prosecutions. For more information, visit”


We are thrilled to welcome Starlizard Integrity Services as partners for The International Sports Convention 2025 and our specialist summits in New York and the ISC Football Integrity summit in Manchester this november. This long-term collaboration with Starlizard Integrity Services, along with Affy and the team, has been established over many years. We are proud to have a responsible, forward-thinking organization like Starlizard Integrity Services align with our values and commit to enhancing the industry with us.” – Nigel Fletcher, CEO of International Sports Convention