Partnership with Turnstile and International Sports Convention 2024

Turnstile is the global market leader in the provision of fair market price sponsorship valuations. We don’t just value the media, or Exposure assets. We’ve built a best-in-class approach to valuing the Intellectual Property of the rights holders, as well as all the tangible Benefits rights. Our work is underpinned by rates sourced from over USD $3bn in global sponsorship valuations we’ve completed to date. Turnstile was built specifically to provide the industry with a pricing mechanism that is highly accurate, credible and defensible. 

 If you value your sponsorships, value them properly.

“We look forward to welcoming back Turnstile to the International Sports Convention 2024. It will be great to work with them again. Sponsorship and Brands is a key segment of the International Sports Convention.” – Nigel Fletcher, CEO of International Sports Convention