Alexander Bielefeld

Alexander Bielefeld is Director Global Policy & Strategy (Men’s football) at FIFPRO – Football Players Worldwide. Alexander has been working for a decade on matters affecting the world of work of players and has represented player’s collective interests at the highest levels of international professional football. In his current role he represented professional players in international employment negotiations on matters including workload, peak performance, health and safety, financial regulations, human rights, technology and data as well as other strategic labour rights matters. He also coordinates relations with international player unions and public institutions such as the ILO, European Commission and others. Most recently Alexander was one of the lead negotiators of the Global Labour Agreement and the Charter of Player data Rights in professional football. Alexander previously worked as a consultant for Burson-Marsteller and holds degrees in international (sports) politics and management from College of Europe, CDES Limoges and INSEAD amongst others.