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Carlo De Marchis

Naturally curious, part of Carlo’s role as Group Chief Evangelist is to push boundaries and ensure innovation remains at the heart of Deltatre. “I’m constantly researching,” he says. “I read between 50 and 200 articles every day.” Today, he is an innovator, challenger, thought-leader, public speaker – a true Deltatre evangelist.

Growing up near Turin, Italy, Carlo studied computer science before joining Deltatre as the Head of Software Development in 1988. From a family of journalists and photographers, his curiosity pushed him to pursue a more technical path.

When he joined Deltatre, he was one of just five employees – a far cry from today’s 1000-strong global team. In the early days, he would spend up to 200 days a year travelling the world to support the company’s work with many of the world’s leading sporting events. Over the years, he has worked alongside Formula 1, the Alpine Ski World Cup, The IAAF Athletics, the UEFA Champions League, the FIFA World Cup, NFL, MLB, and the Olympics.

In 1994, Carlo started developing websites for many of the company’s high-profile sport clients. “It was one of the defining moments of my career,” he says. “We entered the digital space incredibly early.” In the same year, he created a real-time sports websites for the World Athletics Championships – it was one of the world’s first; if not the first, websites of its kind.

Over the years, projects have included managing web and mobile properties of FIFA.com, UEFA.com, as well as work within multiple high-profile sporting events and live streaming projects. Today his focus has moved to innovations surrounding the combination of data, UX, and content as well as OTT and direct-to-consumer experiences.

In the world of sport, being a leader, of course, couldn’t be more key. However, it is not enough to reach the finish line first and then stagnate – and so, embracing change and continually evolving has been a constant theme throughout Carlo’s career.

He has risen through the ranks, with titles ranging from Director of Web Technologies to CTO and Chief Product & Marketing Officer – and many more in between. “Innovation is the only way to survive,” he says. “We must always challenge the way we do things, the way we work with our clients, and the user experiences for fans.”