Görkem Dönmez

Mr. Donmez has been working for Gloria Hotels & Resorts, an establishment of Ozaltin Group for 13 years. After Gloria Sports Arena (GSA)’s project is on in 2014, he started working as the Sales Executive of the complex. 4 years later, he is now General Manager.

GSA is located in Belek region of Antalya, which is a worldwide known destination for golf and football. Since it is the most comprehensive center for training and performance for Professional athletes in Europe, Mr. Donmez states that their primary purpose is to maximize GSA’s recognition and reputation by hosting clubs, national teams and elite athletes for their preparation camps, 12 months of the year in the 50 sports branches available in GSA and by contributing to their guests’ successes on their way to the top.

In the last 4 years, GSA has welcomed more than 150.000 athletes from 90 different countries. 65 athletes and 14 teams who trained in GSA gained 101 medals in total in 2016 Summer Olympics and in Europe and World Championships 2016-2017.