John Lewicki

An industry expert, John has been involved in sports and alliance marketing for almost 30 years as, client, agency and league representative.  Recently named the NHL’s Vice President of International Marketing Partnerships and Business Development, John will oversee the growth of the league outside of North America. Prior to joining the NHL, John had been leading McDonald’s alliance marketing department outlining McDonald’s strategic direction, negotiating, implementing, and managing the company’s alliance portfolio globally, nationally and locally. This included Global management of McDonald’s IOC Olympic and FIFA World Cup associations as well as USOC, NFL, NHL and Nascar partnerships as well as management of the McDonald’s All American Basketball Games.

At the NHL, John is responsible for setting the strategic development and direction for the league when it comes to its Marketing portfolio Globally. He oversees client development and is responsible for the negotiation and relationship management of all NHL Marketing relationships with a concentration on Europe and China.