Jörgen Pettersson

Jörgen Pettersson is the young volleyballplayer from the autonomous Åland Islands in the Baltic Sea who took part in the first ever organized Island Games in Isle of Man 1985. 700 competitors from 15 islands, mostly European, arrived, challenged each others and realized that the week of sport could not be a one-off-event. Ever since then the Island Games have grown stronger and been organized every second year by different Host Islands, providing altogether 18 sports. The Games have increased in numbers and will the next time it is organized in Guernsey 2023 attract roughly 3.000 competitors, support teams and technical officials from 24 Member Islands from all over the world who during one week will compete in 14 sports, trying to win some of the 1.700 medals at stake. The NatWest International Island Games will be one of the largest multisport-events in Europe and in the world. During the intense week in July over 200 events will be hosted on 25 different venues on the beautiful Channel Island of Guernsey. The Games in Guernsey will be the 19th time the Member Islands will meet for competition.
Jörgen Pettersson is the honorary chair of the Association since 2007 by a simple reason. ”The Island Games made me realize as a youngster the importance of sport as a catalyst for  mankind, countries and the ideas that are needed for all sort of development. The IIGA is driven by the fact that your strongest competitors indeed are your best friends. We combine competition and friendship with a genuine strive to develop not only people but also societies.”
The International island Games Association has been in partnership with NatWest International since 2009; a relation both parties has gained from when it comes to Community Investment and the common belief in local societies and dedication on our way to future success.