Trojan Paillot

Trojan Paillot has gained vast sports media industry experience after working for Eurosport – Discovery’s leading multi-sport brand – for 17 years, progressing to the role of Vice President, Sports Rights Acquisitions and Syndication.

He first joined the business as an intern in 2005 working within the rights sales team on sublicence requests across Eurosport’s premium rights portfolio. Trojan subsequently expanded his role to encompass research and strategic monitoring of the sports rights market across Europe and Asia as well as developing and identifying new media rights acquisitions to support Eurosport’s expanding digital rights portfolio. 

In 2008, Trojan was promoted to the role of Senior Rights Acquisitions Manager for Eurosport and TF1 Group where he was responsible for prospection, tender submission, negotiation, contract drafting and client coordination for major events including the UEFA Women’s Euro 2009 and 2013.

Following Discovery’s acquisition of Eurosport in 2014, Trojan progressed to Deputy Director of Rights Acquisitions and then Vice President of Rights Acquisitions and Syndications from 2019 – a role he has held since, which also encompasses a position on Discovery Sports’ senior leadership team.

Harnessing his leadership and expertise in sports rights, Trojan now oversees management of Discovery Sports’ rights acquisition and syndication department, producing more than 150 contracts per year across 75 markets globally. He also holds responsibilities for its sports research and intelligence team, which involves strategic monitoring of the global sports rights market.    

Recent achievements include negotiating new long-term agreements with Tennis Australia and the Fédération Française de Tennis to solidify Discovery’s reputation as the home of the Australian Open and Roland-Garros in Europe in addition to bringing even more exclusive FIS winter sports events into Discovery’s portfolio across more than 50 markets across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East ahead of its coverage for viewers in Europe of Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022.

Growing up in Nice in the South of France, Trojan is now based in Paris with his wife and two children and is an avid basketball, tennis and football player to name a few.