The Business of Sport – Anneliese Mesilati – Head Brand Activation & Sponsorships, Americas – UBS

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This Episode features Anneliese Mesilati – Head Brand Activation & Sponsorships, Americas – UBS

Anneliese Mesilati is now in her fifth year as the Head of Brand Activation and Sponsorship, Americas, for UBS.

The former Londoner-turned-New Yorker, has a proven ability to communicate brand values through storytelling and multi-channel campaigns that engage the right audiences, through the right messaging and approach.

Passionate about her field, Anneliese is adept at tackling business challenges, developing high-performing teams and navigating complex organizations, to drive change and future direction.

Anneliese on the UBS philosophy: “We are the world’s largest wealth manager and we are with many of our clients and their families for multiple generations and many years. So we look at where we can connect with our clients and where can we be seen, from a brand perspective, in places and spaces where our clients will see us.

Anneliese on the UBS Arena: “New York is actually the global home for ultra-high net worth. The New York Islanders ice hockey team were effectively homeless and looking for a venue. So, we became the naming rights partner of the brand-new UBS Arena. I don’t think the Islanders fans believed this was actually going to happen until the doors opened. It was really incredible, something I will never forget!”