The Business of Sport – Carlo de Marchis – Advisor

The Business of Sports podcast allows for in-depth interviews where guests share their expertise and career journey to date. The episodes are full of great content, topics, and case studies. The Business of Sport gives an opportunity for the next generation of sport business professionals to learn about the variety of careers and opportunities with personal journeys. For those already in the industry, it gives a fresh take on some key subject matters and personal stories of challenge and success.

This Episode features Carlo de Marchis – Advisor

Carlo de Marchis has a proven record of building and growing profitable sports and media technology assets on a global scale.

A digital media executive, innovator, marketer, Carlo is an “ideas person”, creative, a challenger, curious, passionate, and a natural evangelist for Deltatre, with whom he worked for 35 years, after being one of the original five employees.

Through the years, he has led many multi-million, multi-year contracts with strategic clients and been at the core of the company’s impressive growth.

An early adopter of the web and digital, now focusing on OTT, D2C marketing, social, mobile, AI, AR/VR, the evolution of beyond-TV and visual storytelling.
Carlo has worked on top sports events including F1, Ski World Cup, Athletics, UEFA Champions League, FIFA World Cup, NFL and the Olympics.

Now considering his next steps, Carlo is the host of a podcast/newsletter “The guy with a scarf” – a title he has willingly adopted after his frequent appearances at conferences and events, with a classy Italian scarf to complete his stylish demeanour.

Carlo de Marchis on change:  “Very often, if you want to be successful, you have to be an enactor of change. It’s a very sophisticated environment on the one hand, but it is also one where you are pushed to innovate constantly to stay relevant. However, some things have not changed very much at all. It is a frustration to me that highlights of football matches are not much different from when they were shown in black and white, many years ago.”

Carlo de Marchis on research: ” I am not an expert, I am an explorer. My way of operating is trying to cross-pollinate new ideas from different domains.  So you are curious on the one hand and then you connect the dots when you observe different things.

Carlo de Marchis on newcomers to the Sports Tech game:  “Forget the Saudia Pro League per se, but there is a lot happening in MENA in general. They clearly have a lot of room to grow. There is a lot happening in India, especially in the last 12 months. We know India means cricket and they still have a record audience for concurrent live streaming, 25 million or more. If a country of that size improves by just 1%, it is a huge change.

A lot of innovation in Sports Tech however is coming from Israel.