The Business of Sport – Gabby Vidal Castillo

Gabby  is the Senior Strategic Partner Manager for International Sports Convention Season Ticket holder, Greenfly, a digital platform seeking to maximise fan engagement opportunities for sports, clubs and leagues globally. Greenfly enables organisations to capture, distribute and organise content. They have become established as part of the short-form content infrastructure.

Gabby previously spent four years working for Meta in a Partnerships role and had a brief spell as New Media Partnerships Director for Copa 90. Gabby also includes Google among her previous employers and she has a First Class honours degree in International Business Management from Newcastle University.

Gabby on the evolution of short-form content: “When you look at the way short-form content has evolved  over the last few years, it’s been pretty astronomical. You’ve had the introduction of social media platforms like Tik-Tok for instance, but equally, existing social media platforms, whether it’s Instagram or You Tube have evolved their platforms to keep up with this shift in consumer trends.

Gabby on globalisation of content: “Because it is short, short-form content can translate into different interests and cultures. You can make that much more accessible to fans who don’t have to sit there for several minutes. You can consume a good variety of short-form content in a short space of time and I think as long as the quality is there, you can translate and make short-form content appealing to all kinds of people.

I think that although that kind of content appeals to sports fans, it also appeals to casual fans. So you don’t have to be hardcore fans of tennis or F1, to watch that content. I do believe if the content is engaging and entertaining, you will get an audience. We try and show our clients that yes, you are a sports entity, but you have to be in entertainment too.”

Gabby on User-Generated content: “USG is a really powerful tool to enable fans to be brought closer to the action. It makes content a lot more relatable to see yourself represented in that and touching on the diversity point of view, whether you are a league, a team, or a federation, you are able to represent the diversity of your fanbase and give them the microphone to tell their own stories and how they perceive the club and how they enjoy following the journey from their own perspective.”