The Business of Sport – Joseph Caporoso – President at Team Whistle

The Business of Sports podcast allows for in-depth interviews where guests share their expertise and career journey to date. The episodes are full of great content, topics, and case studies. The Business of Sport gives an opportunity for the next generation of sport business professionals to learn about the variety of careers and opportunities with personal journeys. For those already in the industry, it gives a fresh take on some key subject matters and personal stories of challenge and success.

This episode features Joseph Caporoso – President at Team Whistle

Team Whistle is built to engage and activate today’s fans worldwide through positive and relatable content, wherever and however they want it. They are a pioneer in the data-driven creation and distribution of positive and relatable content in sports and entertainment for young audiences globally. Team Whistle’s proven portfolio of unscripted, scripted, and interactive shows are available across its expansive social and AVOD media distribution network. The company’s video content IP and audience combined with its powerful analytical, production, and commercial capabilities serve to help brands, distributors, talent, sports leagues, and media companies activate and engage consumers across the content ecosystem.

Joseph has over 14 years of digital experience, with nearly a decade at Team Whistle cementing their role as a trusted sports and entertainment media publisher that produces uplifting relatable content for a Gen Z and Millennial audience. Caporoso most recently served as the EVP of Media at Team Whistle where he led the creation of positive, relatable sports and entertainment content across YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, and the company’s linear network, Whistle TV.

Joseph Caporoso on change: “One of the interesting things in being at Whistle this long, which I know is relatively uncommon in media, is the role really changes and evolves every couple of years. We’ve acquired three companies, we have been acquired twice, a lot of that within the past five years, so it’s kept me on my toes and you learn a lot very fast and furiously.”

Joseph Caporoso on capacity building: “We have to have the ability to go through every social platform and find up-and-coming creators who are telling interesting stories and there’s an audience for those stories. I think whether or not you are a full-time athlete, even if you are a smaller creator in a very niche area, there are brands and platforms very interested in sponsoring that story-telling.”

Joseph Caporoso on collaboration with global social networks: “Both sides need each other. Platforms like Meta and TikTok want as much quality, original content as possible. We can provide that ourselves, and we can provide relationships to creators who can provide that and organise how that content is distributed around major tent-pole events. So, there is a definite need and interest in ensuring that we continue to post original and branded content, of a certain quality at a very high volume, with the most cutting-edge and popular creators and all the different platforms are jockeying for how can they get companies like us to put as many resources as possible on their platform.”