The Business Of Sport – Meghna Krishna , Chief Revenue Officer and Ritu Bain , Senior Vice President of revenue – Magnifi

Magnifi is an “AI-Powered” Enterprise Product by VideoVerse that enables content owners & rights-holders to detect key moments automatically, which can be used in creating highlights and short-form videos in real time.

With offices in the US, UK, Europe, Israel, and India, Magnifi works with enterprises across numerous industries, including OTT Platforms, Sports
Broadcasters, Leagues, Sports Federations, E-gaming platforms, and Colleges.
A driving force behind the company’s success to date has been the working relationship of two Indian women who met at a job interview with another business.

Meghna Krishna is Magnifi’s Chief Revenue Officer. She has donned multiple business hats throughout a corporate journey spanning two decades with diverse roles in growth, business strategy, marketing, and sales. Immensely passionate about business growth and team building, Meghna has built various businesses across 3 continents in industries including retail, e-commerce, travel, and SaaS.

A typical workday revolves around building strategic alliances, creating highly productive teams from scratch, and managing investor and stakeholder relations to supercharge business growth.

The woman she employed elsewhere back in 2019, is Ritu Bain, now Magnifi’s Senior Vice President of revenue. By excelling within the unified domain of revenue generation, Ritu has steered a course of success in sports technology, media entertainment, and travel industries. Her career spans across global markets, where she has helped teams leverage AI technology for impactful outcomes.

Ritu says by integrating sales, marketing, operations, and customer success into a cohesive business function, she has consistently delivered revenue growth. Her approach centers on pragmatic, data-driven decisions and streamlined operations, consistently achieving significant results. By aligning innovation with market demands, She has championed transformative initiatives that empower teams to create meaningful connections, and drive unparalleled customer experiences.

Ritu on Meghna: “It is true that we actually met at a job interview in 2019. We hit it off, we started talking and I took the job. I’m not sure I actually wanted the job, but I knew I wanted to work with this woman, so I thought well, let’s see how this goes and we haven’t looked back since”.

Meghna on the business opportunity: “I was in the travel industry when this opportunity came around in 2019 and I was in Fashion before that. So I was always interested in being in an industry that would be futuristic and provide solutions that were not already available. People asked me why I was joining a start-up business, but if I didn’t join a start-up, that would mean that I didn’t believe in my own capabilities”.

Ritu on sport: “Sport was not something that woke me up one morning and thought, I must figure out more of what is happening in the sports technology world. But definitely, the interest was there in understanding newer technologies like AI and what new sectors we could explore”.

Meghna on the scale of their sports media project: “For me, the biggest thing was to realise just what the scope of this thing is, I mean, how big it is and what a massive impact it can have on everyday life. During the pandemic, a lot of sport was not being played. But the viewing figures for the sports that were played went through the roof, which means that it is something that touches almost everybody”.