The Business Of Sport Podcast – Insights From The Football Industry – Robin Russell

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Robin Russell is CEO and Chairman at Sports Path.

In 2005 after 26 years with The Football Association (the FA), Robin left to start his own business in e-learning specialized in football and also to become UEFA Football Development Consultant for whom he still works. He has also acted as a consultant on coach education and football development projects with FIFA, CONCACAF, Asia Football Confederation and a number of national football associations and professional clubs.

In this edition of the Football Industry podcast, Robin explains:

 Growth and retention, the need for innovation in football participation.

 Why retention is important

 Why participation is important

 Which groups are most at risk

 Relative Age Effect, ie late birthdates

 The underlying problems in retention

 Linking video games to practical football

 Coach Quality and retention

 Free play – facilitate but not coach

Numerous case studies and examples are drawn upon globally.

Stay tuned.



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