The Business Of Sport – Rajesh D’Souza, Business Development Director at Data Sports Group

Rajesh D’Souza is the Global Head of Digital Media Company, The Data Sports Group, based in Berlin, Germany.

With expertise in operations, strategic planning, and corporate and consumer management in the digital media and sports sectors, Rajesh previously spent over a decade with The Perform Group.

A self-confessed fan of finding new ways to do things, Rajesh is a big supporter of start-ups and scaling up opportunities.

As we found out, he is also a long-standing supporter of Liverpool Football Club.


Rajesh on the business of DMC: “Our focus is primarily on different industries. We work with sports, fantasy, sports books and even leagues and organisations and we have specific target services that we can provide. For example, with leagues and organisations, we actually work with them to automate much of their social media output and their content processes, which allows them to have smaller marketing or content teams, so they can rely on platforms to generate the content”.

Rajesh on raising the profile of minority sports: “What has really happened over a period of time is that a lot of these sports, which were not really accessible on broadcast, now have a lot of visibility on different media formats. We have audience on social and audience on other digital platforms. So, it is becoming the case that a lot of these sports and properties are attracting a lot more audience, a lot more viewers, and a lot more attention. So, the outlet for them is to reach as much of the audience as they can through the content that they can convey to them and many of these sports are now growing their user base”.

Rajesh the sports fanatic: “It’s always been football. I have been a Liverpool supporter since a young age. For me, football has just been the life and soul. I have always looked forward to it. My son is only 20 months old and he is also very excited about it…well, I think he gets the drift anyway! I would look up to Steven Gerrard, for me he’s an iconic footballer player for the club, and his energy was a great influence on me”.