Track Academy Confirmed As a Charity Partner For The ISC 2020 Edition

The International Sports Convention (ISC) is pleased to announce Track Academy as Charity Partner for the ISC 2020 edition taking place on June 17-18, 2020 at The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, London.

Nigel Fletcher, CEO of the International Sports Convention: “The International Sports Convention tagline is the meeting place for Sport Business but we realize the power of Sport is an important vehicle for social change and building communities. We are therefore delighted to announce the collaboration with Track Academy. I also share the ideals of Track Academy and their Founder Connie Henry that sport should be compulsory in primary schools and that each primary school in the UK should have a dedicated teacher to sport and the softer skills sport give. A goal like this is attainable and measurable. Given that this week is the UK General Election and both main political parties approach to the NHS is to throw more money into the system, a joined-up approach between health, education, and the sport would be more appropriate. Some problems of obesity and lack of exercise stems from an early age – surely having sport and physical activity in schools with dedicated resources and expertise should be a priority. Prevention is better than cure”.

Connie Henry, Founder “Track Academy is thrilled to be the charity partner of the International Sports Convention. Platforms like these raise awareness of the incredible work that Track Academy does in the sports for the social change sector, and we look forward to a long and productive relationship together”.

The focus of ISC London 2020 is on the Business of Sport with around 1500 participants, including over 100 speakers with 7 sport business conferences, 3 masterclasses running over the 2 days, plus private roundtables and a range of hospitality and networking platforms. The main days are June 17-18, 2020. This includes comprehensive content and speakers from the Broadcast, Digital, OTT, Brands, Sponsorship, Integrity, Major events, and Technology. There will be 5 main stages each day.

Further information

The International Sports Convention has been hosted in Geneva and Amsterdam for the last 10 years and will move to London for the first time with an exciting sports business concept for the entire global industry. The venue is the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

The International Sports Convention is the meeting place for Sports Business and will be the largest global gathering in the first half of 2020.

The 7 Sports Conferences are:

  • OTT in Sports
  • Sports Digital
  • Digital Disruption in Football
  • Sports Sponsorship
  • Brands in Sport
  • Sports Integrity
  • Sports Events

The 3 Masterclasses are:

  • Broadcast Innovation
  • Brand Licensing
  • Digital Disruption in Sport

To receive the latest list of speakers contact:


About Track Academy

Track Academy helps disadvantaged young people in London realize they are more than the circumstances they are born into, by supporting them to fulfill their true potential and develop as positive members of their community.

Track Academy currently help 380 young people in Brent and beyond.

At Track Academy they provide an environment in which young people, build confidence, acquire new skill sets, affirm self-value, support each other, plan their future, positively address inequality, gain a sense of belonging and become role models.

Proven Record

Track Academy effectively—with the young persons’ buy-in— establish pathways to build faith in their ability to positively affect their own lives.

Track Academy’s aim is to increase participants’ academic performance, personal growth strategies, as well as their employment opportunities and physical health and wellbeing.

With a firm understanding of issues such as truancy, antisocial behavior, poor discipline, poor concentration and obesity, the Track Academy Team has a proven record in delivery and is well placed to continue delivering these desirable outcomes, for the foreseeable future.


Connie Henry


Sport for Social Change Consultant, Connie Henry, became an athlete at the age of 15 when she walked onto the track at Willesden Sports Centre. Eleven years later in 1998, she was standing on the rostrum at a major Championships in Athletics, the Commonwealth Games.

Subsequently, no longer an athlete, Connie was commentating on the 2005 World Athletics Championships Live on IAAF Radio.

Fast forward another six years and Connie was launching Track Academy, her very own Sport for Social Change Charity, alongside prominent names in international sport – designed to provide a unique blend of Sport, Education and Mentoring opportunities to disadvantaged youth in London.

Connie says, “At Track Academy, we help young minds believe they are more than the circumstances into which they are born. Our core aim is to create positive leaders of tomorrow, academic achievers and if we happen to create an Olympian along the way, that would be a positive by-product of our efforts”.

Connie Henry has several mantras by which she lives, the essence of which can experience at Track Academy. These are:

  • It’s not about the destination, it’s about what you learn on the way and what you do with that information
  • You have to believe you are more than the circumstances that you are born into
  • Surround yourself with people who know more than you do
  • Hard does not necessarily mean bad
  • What you want to do isn’t always the thing you should be doing, but the thing you should be doing normally gets you what you want

Connie’s vision has been for Track Academy to create a system capable of creating extraordinary young people – young people who will become social leaders, extraordinary mentors and responsible individuals and maybe, just maybe, Track Academy will be able to create an Olympian or two, along the way, though that is simply not the overriding concern of all involved.