Wiremind Interview – ISC 2024

Wiremind is a French tech company focused on building revenue management software and bringing AI to the sports industry.

It started out in the transport and cargo sector back in 2014, where it helped companies increase their revenue and fulfil their capacity in trains, planes and other freight vehicles. Now, Wiremind is forging its way into sport.

When Paris Saint-Germain found their ticket sales increasing, they called upon the services of Wiremind’s revenue management systems.

“Their stadium capacity is limited like every sports club, so they wanted to increase their revenue,” recalls Axel Serpollier, Wiremind’s Sales Engineer Manager. “They wanted to know what software could help them with better data visualisation that works in real time.

“From this, we’ve seen that there was a technical issue for sports clubs. It’s complicated for them because their ticketing solutions don’t talk to revenue management software.”

This is a trend that Wiremind has noticed across the market, with a need for revenue management and digitised workflows at sports clubs across the globe.

“Today, clubs use internet ticketing software that is a bit dated,” Serpollier explains. “The experience is not good.”

But Wiremind has the solution. It has created an all-in-one ticketing solution, EVENTORI, to cater to the need for ticketing and combine this with its revenue management solutions.

“We have everything under one roof,” says Beer Koning, Wiremind’s Business Developer. “So the back office, front office, access control, research platform and forecasting module – everything is under one solution.”

“It is very easy to use our built-in revenue management system and dynamic pricing features,” adds Serpollier.

This provides far more efficiency than clubs that manage all these parts separately. Now, Wiremind wants to continue its sporting expansion and move into the UK market.

“We already work with top clubs in France,” Serpollier says. “The UK is a great market. Sports and football have lots of fans and lots of top clubs, so it’s a great place to start.

“We hope eventually that sports clubs across the world will be using our solution.”

To that end, Wiremind has used ISC 2024 to speak to a range of international sports teams and leagues, picking up some valuable contacts from English, Danish and Belgian clubs in the process.

Such is the strength of its offering that Wiremind hopes to grow further into the events industry in the near future, adding to an already strong portfolio in sport, transport and cargo.