Speaker – KIMBERLEY COOK, CHIEF REVENUE OFFICER, HOOKIT ORGANISATION The Sports Sponsorship Conference continued with a presentation by Kimberley Cook, the chief revenue officer for the Hookit Organisation. Ms Cook began by outlining the role of Hookit as; ‘We help brands make better sponsorship decisions’. Continuing, the speaker mentioned that sport sponsorship is no longer … Read more

Congratulations to Thai Football team Wild Boars, Winners of the International Sports Award, “Club of the year”

Congratulations to Phil Knight Founder of Nike being awarded with the ISA “Lifetime Achievement Award”

Congratulations to all our ISA 2018 Winners!  

Subject – FORMULA 1 ® – SPONSORSHIP, MARKETING AND GLOBAL PARTNERSHIPS Speaker – MURRAY BARNETT – DIRECTOR OF SPONSORSHIP & COMMERCIAL PARTNERSHIPS, ® FORMULA 1 The opening conference at this year’s International Sports Convention (2018) centred upon Sports Sponsorship. MC Kevin Roberts welcomed an audience of around 150 to the event at Palexco, Geneva – … Read more

Subject – How Sports Broadcasting Work flows, including edits at home and live delivery are being revolutionised using IBM Aspera Speaker – Per Hansen, Regional Manager, Sales Engineering Europe, IBM The final speaker on the Sports Broadcast Conference was Per Hansen of IBM. Mr Hansen opened his presentation by talking about the challenges of transporting … Read more