Nigel Fletcher, CEO – International Sports Convention:

I hope you, your family, friends and colleagues are safe and well during this unprecedented time.

Like everyone, we have been actively monitoring the evolving situation related to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and share the concern about the coronavirus and the questions this challenge presents. The health and wellbeing of everyone is always paramount. The goal, of course, in any moment of public health concern, is to be guided by expert information, grounded in scientific and medical data, and sourced from public health and government authorities.

The International Sports Convention has decided to postpone the 2020 edition scheduled for June 17-18 at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.  

During this unprecedented global situation we also decided to make the following announcements.

  1. The new dates of the International Sports Convention will be Tuesday June 8th and Wednesday June 9th, 2021 and the venue will remain the same – Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.
  2. Future annual editions of the International Sports Convention will also occur in London and at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
  3. The International Sports Convention tagline is the meeting place for the Business of Sport. We will now further accelerate our online activities to serve as a hub and insight for the Industry. For example our business of Sport podcasts have gathered even more traction during these unprecedented times:
  4. I am heartened by the positive replies and encouragement from our speakers (100+), as well as our event partners and key business supporters. We informed our stakeholders 3 weeks ago regarding the postponement to 2021. 
  5. With nearly 14 months to go until the next International Sports Convention and based on further market feedback, we will accelerate some key initiatives to give even more value to those who will be attending. We will now add four specialist forums:
    1. The Sports Investment and Innovation Forum
    2. The E-Sports Forum
    3. The Sports Sponsorship Forum
    4. The Fan Engagement Forum

In addition we are giving more opportunities for companies to host private receptions, dinners, masterclasses and open lounge space during ISC 2021 in London next year. This to ensure more business networking than ever-before and to bring the Sports Business Industry truly together to celebrate what will be a great year of Sport in 2021. 

ISC is sandwiched right in the middle of next year and at the start where many major events will kick off in 2021.

The International Sports Convention 2021 with already everything in place will feature 6 sports business conferences, 100+ speakers, 40+ private roundtables and masterclasses, as well as numerous open and private networking events. 1500 plus delegates will be attending.

Latest Programme

As the headline says and borrowing one of the famous advertising campaigns ever:  – good things come to those who wait – we just have together have to wait a little longer for the next edition of The International Sports Convention.

Finally and most importantly, please stay safe and connected. Further information: – All enquiries. – Chief Executive, all enquiries.