Guy-Laurent Epstein, Marketing Director, UEFA: Keynote: UEFA and Digital Disruption

Subject – KEYNOTE: UEFA and Digital Disruption

Speaker – Guy Laurent Epstein, Marketing Director, UEFA


Geneva’s beautiful Palexpo exhibition hall played host to the Digital Transformation of Football Conference on the second day of the International Sports Convention.

With questions put to him by Daniel McLaren, the opening speaker of the day was Guy Laurent Epstein, Marketing Director of UEFA.

Addressing an audience of over 200, Mr Epstein spoke about the digital disruption to the game and UEFA’s challenge to help the various federations address the needs of the consumer.

The speaker mentioned that ‘technology has enabled users to take the content that they want – not what is being pushed at them – and they are also able to interact with it’.

UEFA look to guide their members with a project, known as KISS – Knowledge, Information, Sharing, Scenario. This is a way in which the various federations can share their information but Mr Epstein outlined that the needs of, say, the English and French federations may differ from those of, say, the Faroe Islands or Norway – and that they can all help each other.

Mr Epstein spoke for around 30 minutes and answered a variety of questions, ranging from the football games market, opening new markets around the world and working with new technology and data gathering.