Sireesh Pangaluri on METAVERSE – THE FUTURE

The third session of day two on the main stage at ISC dealt with the buzzword of the moment: the metaverse. Sireesh Pangaluri asked the audience who had used NFTs in sport. Very few raised their hands. As for the metaverse, the audience agreed that the majority of people had never heard of it until Facebook was renamed Meta.

In a video the metaverse was described as ‘a new 3D internet world, an immersive world of experiences across all platforms’.

Pangaluri said: “In a virtual stadium, you can sell seats. It means new experiences. You can go to the virtual store and purchase tickets and merchandise. If you miss the event, you can sell it on video-on-demand. You can purchase everything in one location. We offer a platform, content, integration, live dashboards and reporting and analytics. We have plans to go onto X Box and Playstation.”