Simon Hanna on Directing the battle against the pirates

Piracy represents a critical weakness in the digital sports media economy. The industry loses an estimated $28.3 billion of revenues a year lost to illicit distribution of premium sports content. That number could be moving towards $50 billion in the next five years. Yet as noted by Simon Hanna, regional vice president for the EMEA […]

NativeWaves and StatsPerform on the possibilities of a multi-view future

The digital sports viewing experience is set to develop into something quite different from traditional broadcasting, and the implications of that are only now beginning to emerge. In a joint masterclass session during the International Sports Convention, NativeWaves CEO Christof Haslauer and Roy Clements, director of EMEA partners and channels at StatsPerform, explained how interactivity […]

The LaLiga Tech project to unlock the power of data

Over the past few seasons, Spanish football’s LaLiga has been mining the data resources and specialisms produced through operating one of the world’s elite sporting competitions. It has done that not just by considering its own offering, but also how it can apply what it has learned to the benefit of other rights holders. In […]

Meta, YouTube, TikTok and sport’s social media future

The final session of the International Sports Convention 2022 brought together four figures from social media companies to reflect on one of the most powerful trends of the last decade, which still looks sure to reshape the decade to come. Rob Pilgrim, the head of sport for EMEA at YouTube, was joined by Arthur Guisasola, […]

Leading through positive disruption with 934 Live Ltd

The sports industry, like so much of the economy, is going through a “perfect storm” of trends that promise to upend its operations in the next decade. For Christian Frei, founder and chief technology officer of leadership and coaching consultancy 934 Live, that should be enough to prompt anyone to reflect on their attitude to […]

Corentin Segalen, Pat Myhill and Andrew Ephgrave on LAW ENFORCEMENT AND REGULATIONS

Corentin Segalan, who works for the French national agency against corruption, explained that the Group of Copenhagen represents a network of international platforms. He said: “It’s important to work together because often there is dissemination of suspicious betting in a lot of countries. We have the expertise together to work on sports manipulation. We’re working […]

Annika Gralls and Mariana Gutierrez on WOMEN’S FOOTBALL

The main purpose of the Liga MX, the Mexican women’s league, is to become sustainable, according to Mariana Gutierrez. In Sweden, the women’s league launched its own channel and has entered into an agreement for the games to be broadcast in 10 countries, after it lost its former broadcasting contract. “it’s a huge change,” Annika […]


Olympic legacy is about creating lasting benefits for people, the host territory and the sports movement, says Tania Braga. “There are three golden rules of Olympic legacy after Agenda 2020. “1. The games adapt to the host. “The project should fit the local reality. There is no one model fits all. There is a myth […]


Keith Bruce began the session by pointing out that all of the panel are in the business of attracting sport to their businesses. His company represents F1 Experiences, which was created on the model of enabling corporates to see and experience Formula 1. After F1’s change of ownership, the series was still largely misunderstood, especially […]

Kick It Out, PFA, Signify – A call to act on social media abuse

For all the rampant visibility of online abuse in football, clear solutions have been slower to present themselves. As a panel on the subject at the International Sports Convention explored, it is a deep-rooted problem in need of a serious, multi-faceted reaction. Sports organisations, law enforcement and governments, and social media platforms all have their […]