It’s half-time on day two of ISC at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in north London, and delegates have gathered on Level Two of the stadium for lunch and networking, after an informative series of sessions this morning. What is common to every session is that fans are changing in the way they want to consume … Read more

The panel discussion on digital and commercial growth in football on day 2 of ISC kicked off with Adam Griffiths talking about the problems of launching Tottenham Hotspur’s new stadium during a pandemic. Zahorski of Legia Wasaw spoke of the need to be innovative in digitalisation, having signed a partner for cryptocurrency and an NFT … Read more

The protection of young people from abuse is perhaps the fundamental issue for the sports community but creating effective measures has become one of sport’s greatest challenges. That was the core theme of an International Sports Convention session on athlete safeguarding. Through proper dialogue and, sadly, a spate of scandals around the world, the argument … Read more

The third session of day two on the main stage at ISC dealt with the buzzword of the moment: the metaverse. Sireesh Pangaluri asked the audience who had used NFTs in sport. Very few raised their hands. As for the metaverse, the audience agreed that the majority of people had never heard of it until … Read more

“We wouldn’t be where we are today without disruptors line DAZN, Netflix and Apple,” says Carlo De Marchis. “Netflix’s creation of non-live sports content is teaching us a lesson. The fact that HBO Max is thinking of putting the NBA inside an entertainment format is very interesting.” “Sports properties have options. And they’re not alternatives, … Read more

In the first panel session of day two at ISC, Alexandra Willis stressed the need for sports properties to act like media businesses to attract and retain fans and audiences, using all of the tools at their disposal, including content creation. Alex Brown added that lacrosse fans “do a lot of snacking” so long-form content … Read more

The state-by-state liberalisation of sports betting laws across the US is among the most powerful trends in that country’s sports industry, but its influence is also being felt internationally. In the final panel of the International Sports Convention’s first day, three parties behind some of the National Hockey League’s (NHL) overseas sportsbook activities detailed the … Read more