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fcbusiness and ISC Extend Partnership

ISC is pleased to announce the extension of our partnership with fcbusiness for ISC London 2023 and 2024. Fcbusiness partnered with the International Sports Convention …

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CSM Live and ISC Extend Partnership

The International Sports Convention is pleased to announce the extension of our partnership with CSM Live, who will be event partners at the conference for …

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International Sports Convention – Project Coordinator

International Sports Convention (ISC) is an events, education and media business that connects individuals and companies in the business of sport. Founded in 2009. ISC …

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Simon Hanna on Directing the battle against the pirates

Piracy represents a critical weakness in the digital sports media economy. The industry loses an estimated $28.3 billion of revenues a year lost to illicit …

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NativeWaves and StatsPerform on the possibilities of a multi-view future

The digital sports viewing experience is set to develop into something quite different from traditional broadcasting, and the implications of that are only now beginning …

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The LaLiga Tech project to unlock the power of data

Over the past few seasons, Spanish football’s LaLiga has been mining the data resources and specialisms produced through operating one of the world’s elite sporting …

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Meta, YouTube, TikTok and sport’s social media future

The final session of the International Sports Convention 2022 brought together four figures from social media companies to reflect on one of the most powerful …

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Leading through positive disruption with 934 Live Ltd

The sports industry, like so much of the economy, is going through a “perfect storm” of trends that promise to upend its operations in the …

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Corentin Segalen, Pat Myhill and Andrew Ephgrave on LAW ENFORCEMENT AND REGULATIONS

Corentin Segalan, who works for the French national agency against corruption, explained that the Group of Copenhagen represents a network of international platforms. He said: …

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